IPO Porto Research Center

The IPO Porto Research Center (CI-IPOP) is hosted by the Instituto Português de Oncologia do Porto Francisco Gentil, EPE (hereafter IPO Porto), the largest specialized Portuguese cancer institution (10.000 new patients per year) with a triple role: patient care, teaching and research in Oncology (http://www.ipoporto.pt/).
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R&D Unit Description and Objective

 IPO Porto is a member of the Organization of European Cancer Institutes (OECI) and is accredited by OECI as a Comprehensive Cancer Center (Porto Comprehensive Cancer Center, P.CCC) in collaboration with Instituto de Investigação e Inovação em Saúde (i3S).

CI-IPOP has the mission to coordinate and implement the research activity of IPO Porto and is formally recognized by the Portuguese Science Foundation (FCT) as an R&D unit since 2004, from which it obtained the classification of Excellent in the last international evaluation.  The general and long-term objective of CI-IPOP is the understanding of the pathobiologic mechanisms of carcinogenesis, which ultimately will help improve cancer prevention and/or treatment. CI-IPOP is organized in five research groups working on translational cancer research (Cancer Genetics Group, Cancer Biology and Epigenetics Group, Molecular Oncology and Viral Pathology Group, Experimental Pathology and Therapeutics Group, and Medical Physics, Radiobiology and Radiation Protection Group), as well as the Cancer Epidemiology Group, the Management, Outcomes Research and Economics in Healthcare Group and a Clinical Research Unit.

Research Team 

CI-IPOP includes 231 members (at the end of 2019), of which 59 have a PhD degree and 102 have a Master degree. Of the CI-IPOP members, 148 are IPO-Porto staff, with main positions as medical doctors (67), laboratory health technicians/clinical scientists (35), higher technicians (13), researchers (12), and other roles (21). Other CI-IPOP members include 46 researchers with scholarships (10 postdocs, 24 PhD students and 12 other research positions), 26 MSc students or Research assistants and 11 staff from other institutions. The research team is organized in seven research groups and the respective team members are shown after page 17.

International Evaluation by FCT

In 2019, CI-IPOP was informed that it obtained the classification of EXCELLENT for the period 2013-2017 and activity plan for 2020-2023 after international evaluation by the panel HEALTH SCIENCES – Clinical and Translational Research organized by FCT. The resulting FCT basic and strategic funding (UIDB-00776-2020 and UIDP-00776-2020) amounts to a total of 1,242,000€ for the period 2020-2023, which includes new PhD researcher contracts. Additionally, the FCT international evaluation decided to award 8 PhD fellowships to CI-IPOP, which will be funded directly by FCT during the period 2020-2023.


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