The mission of IPO-Porto is provide healthcare services, in due time, patient focused, not overlooking prevention, research, training and education in the area of Oncology, with the purpose of assuring high levels of quality, humanism and efficiency.




With minimum treatment times and maximum healing ratios, the community shall view the oncological patient as a chronic patient, without stigmas and with quality of life. Technology serving the patient.





The values represent the commitment that the decisions made by IPO-Porto are on the best interest of the people it serves and employs. Thus, the IPO-Porto structure of values includes five vectors:



Quality – as a “Sistema Nacional de Saúde” (National Health System) hospital, the priority of IPO-Porto is assuring high quality and clinical safety services for the locals. IPO-Porto shall learn from the people who use the clinical services, from the Institution’s human resources, from the best practices in SNS and beyond. Quality shall be guaranteed by developing the labour force, strengthening it so it can provide high quality service, safe, effective, and focused on the patient.



Integrity – IPO-Porto shall treat its users with dignity and respect, promoting equity, appreciating diversity and offering high healthcare standards. The decisions shall be honest and responsible, in the best interest of the community it serves. IPO-Porto shall promote a labour force which acts in an open way and with integrity. It shall constantly search for ways to build services around the users’ needs, meeting at the same time the employees’ needs and expectations.



People – people are the core of all the services in SNS: the people who IPO-Porto serves, the people it employs, the people who become members and managers of the Institution, the people who make it possible for the system to be funded and the people who make the system as a whole. The professionals are the hospital’s most valuable resources. The Institute shall support the employee so that he may establish an individual contract with each patient, user, co-worker, manager and partner.



Excellence – IPO-Porto wants people, from different geographical or professional areas, to trust the services provided in the Institution. The Institute shall view the future and plan its services based on the needs of the local community, hoping for better continuous improvements in the results of treatments and care it promotes. Is shall use the best available scientific evidence to provide effective services, whether in terms of clinical results, use of financial resources, or others.



Community – IPO-Porto recognizes it is more than a hospital care provider; it is a resources consumer, a waste creator, trusting in the local network of transports. The Institute is a big employer, so it is a significant partner in the local economy. It shall reflect the community’s responsibilities in the decisions it makes, working in partnership with the community, volunteers and other organizations to effectively contribute for the local people’s lives and reduce its environmental impact.




The strategic objectives set for the Institute are:

Services Quality Improvement;

Perceived Quality Improvement;

Financial Sustainability Increase.