Spiritual and Religious Assistance Service

A saúde não é só o bem-estar físico, mental e social. Deve-se integrar a dimensão espiritual. A espiritualidade faz parte da vida humana, qualquer que seja a fé ou a prática religiosa. A vertente espiritual não tem que ser necessariamente religiosa e confessional, o que significa que também os ateus e os agnósticos podem requerer um acompanhamento espiritual segundo os seus ideais.

The reason why the service exists

Health is not just the physical, mental and social wellbeing. The spiritual dimension must be included. Spirituality is part of the human life, regardless of which faith or religious practice one has. The spiritual aspect is not necessarily religious or confessional, which means that also atheists and agnostics may require spiritual monitoring, according to their ideals.

This Service contributes to the concept of full health and, as such, is part of the organic structure of the hospital institution.

The patient, its family members and the professionals of the Institute are the reason why this Service exists.

We will visit you, listen to you, receive you, and celebrate faith with you.

Daily, at any hour of the day, according to the possibility of the Assistants and their schedules.

The weekly rest day of the Catholic Assistant is Monday.

Locations for worship

The Institute has three Buildings with hospitalizations, in each of them there is a worship location, as follows:

Surgery Building: P.14 – With physical space for inter-religious reception and sharing of space with other Christian confessions;

Medicine Building: P.7 – With inter-religious and Christian use;

Palliative Care Building: P.3.

Eucharist’s Schedules

(Subject to changes. There are copies in the hospitalization floors and in the locations for worship)

Mondays, Saturdays and Holidays – No Eucharist for patients.


Palliative Care Building – 11am


14th floor – Surgery Building – 5pm


7th floor – Medicine Building – 3pm


14th floor ¬¬– Surgery Building

Sundays and Holy Days

14th floor – Surgery Building – 11am



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