IPOPorto will host the 26th Meeting of EAU Section of Urological Research/ESUR19 on October 10-12, 2019. This event, is organised in collaboration with the American SBUR (Society for Basic Urologic Research), and the European ESUP (EAU Section of Uropathology) organizations to foster interdisciplinary discussion.
10 October
12 October
10/10/19 8:00
Main Auditory


The meeting aims to further probe into the growing knowledge on different cancer biology aspects, including the metabolic shift along with epigenetic reprogramming which suggests that there might be novel cancer therapeutic targets that need to be explored. Moreover, new molecules targeting the epigenome have been tested in urological tumours in both pre-clinical and clinical settings. ESUR19 will also examine epidrugs (from basics to clinical trials), and molecular subtypes and therapeutics. Although immuno-oncology is not an entirely new topic on urological research, relevant updates such as pre-clinical and clinical trials will still be shared at ESUR19.

In line with the European Union’s concerns on individual data protection and ethical issues related to patients, updated information on this topic will be also approached and discussed by experimental researchers and medical doctors at the meeting.

In addition to invited speakers, young researchers will have the opportunity to discuss their innovative work with colleagues and potential mentors and present it either by oral presentations of selected abstracts and dynamic poster sessions designed to maximise interaction and dissemination.

For additional information please visit: and submit your abstract(s) before the deadline of 8 July 2019 through Registration before 15 August 2019 will allow you to take advantage of the early bird rate: