Urology Clinic

A Clínica de Urologia tem como primordial objetivo a sua atividade assistencial a doentes com toda a Patologia Oncológica do Foro Urológico, nomeadamente o Cancro da Próstata, as Neoplasias da Bexiga, os Tumores de Rim, Carcinoma do Pénis e Testículo.
Número de Doentes
15 dias
Tempo médio de espera 1ª consulta
Doentes em Ensaio Clínico
*Dados relativos ao ano de 2019/2020

Since it was created, in 1982, the Urology Service grew and gained independence. When IPO-Porto decided to create the Clinics, Urology was not left out. Thus, in 2006, the Urology Clinic was created, including the medical consultations in Urology, Oncology and the Multidisciplinary Consultation, with the presence of Radiotherapy. There is also the Nursing Consultation, a treatment room and an exam room.

IPO has no domiciled beds, being that each Service uses the ones it needs, although, of course, for a matter of practicality, Urology patients are preferably hospitalized on the 9th floor in the Main Building.

The operating theatre, located in the 4th floor of the same Urology building, also operates according to the needs of each Service, assessed in the Surgery Department meetings, through the so called Clinical Governance. It is an organism whose purpose is guaranteeing that the accreditation criteria from Caspe Healthcare Knowledge Systems, which the hospital has since 2004, are complied with.

A consequence of the accreditation demands was the need of reducing the time of the surgery waiting list, which was around three months. Therefore, the Urology Service started to dedicate itself to the operating theatre three mornings and three afternoons per week.


Urology Clinic
Médico Orientador
Dr. Jorge Oliveira
Enfermeiro Coordenador
Enf. Isabel Peres


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