Message from the President

(...) Contamos com o apoio de todos os utentes e colaboradores para podermos levar a cabo a nossa missão: proporcionar saúde e bem-estar.

IPO-Porto is organized around a core purpose: offer the best healthcare, based on the highest standards of technical competence.

In the Institute we provide a group of professionals who, at all levels, stands next to the patient to support and provide him/her with everything he/she needs, equitably according to our resources.

This space contains useful and important information for the user. Here one can see information about the pathology clinics, clinical and support services and access information about consultation dates and tips for healthy life habits.

We rely on the cooperation of every patient and employee so that we can carry out our mission: provide health and wellbeing.

IPO-Porto President

Laranja Pontes, MD

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The oncological patient is the centre around which all assistance activity shall be built, so the human and technical means shall be organized to provide customized, homogeneous and wide healthcare services.

Keeping this focus on the patient, IPO-Porto organizes in multidisciplinary units by pathology, called Pathology Clinics, which are the basis of all assistance structure.


“Instituto Português de Oncologia do Porto Francisco Gentil, E.P.E.” is a corporate public entity. It is governed by a Management Board, named by the Government shareholders, which answers for the technical, human and financial good operation of the Institution. It is a legal person of public law, of corporate nature, with financial, secretarial and property independence.


Management Board


Counselling Board

Internal Auditor

Constitution of the Management Board


José Maria Laranja Pontes, MD

Clinical Director

Rosa Begonha, MD

Nurse Director

Maria Isabel Dias Sequeira, RGN


Francisco Nuno Rocha Gonçalves


Ilídio José Nunes de Oliveira Cadilhe

Orgãos Sociais

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Conselho de Administração

Conselho de Administração
Prof. Doutor Rui Henrique
Diretora Clínica
Dra. Marta Soares
Enfermeira Diretora
Enf.ª Fernanda Soares
Dra. Inês Souto e Castro
Dr. Emanuel Barros
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